Choose our expert job with many years of construction and maintenance experience in the oil and gas industry.

Complete construction equipment is available to handle even the most difficult situations.

1- New Pipeline Construction e.g. LPG & Natural Gas.

2- Engineering, Procurement and Drafting.

3- Project Planning and Coordination.

4- Pipeline Repairs.

5- Fabrication and Facility Construction.

6- Pipeline Lowering.

7- Construction Reporting.

8- Storage & Metering Facilities.

9- Corrosion Control.

10- Trenchless Technology eg. HDD, Pipe Jacking, Boring etc.

11- Commissioning & Test of New and Old Pipelines.

12- Servicing and Maintenance.

13- Consultancy and Design of Piping System e.g. Residential.

14- Commercial & Industrial.